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Modernize Key Financial Services Monoliths

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Increase Agility to Maximize Customer Experience

For financial services organizations, the technical debt from monolithic applications creates a drag on IT innovation that slows down application release cycles and stagnates new feature releases. vFunction helps modernize those monoliths into microservices that are highly exclusive – that can be managed independently, released independently, and most importantly can maximize the customer experience with new, dynamic features.

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Scale Faster to Drive Digital Expansion

From mobile banking to online transactions to real-time data delivery, FinTech is a forcing function that puts pressure on every legacy application from insurance to loan processing, credit ratings to mortgage banking. The more you modernize, the more you can leverage cloud native tech to enable rapid digital expansion. A monolithic application – whether in the cloud or on-premise – cannot keep up with the digital demand that corporate and retail customers alike expect and demand.

Testimonial Intesa Saopaolo
“vFunction goes beyond analysis; it also provides us with a platform to create the microservices, isolating those software components that contribute to the business processes in the application.”
Andrea Crovagna
IT Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
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Balance Speed and Risk to Optimize Modernization

Legacy Java and .NET applications are the backbone for most of the key financial service transactions we rely on everyday. Rapid modernization is an imperative but managing risk is an equal and often more important component to modernizing these lifeblood applications. vFunction manages modernization risk by preserving core-IP source code while we extract microservices and focusing first on the business process layer versus the data layer. This practical, well-honed methodology enables rapid iteration typically focusing on extracting one or a few services at a time, enabling a smooth transition using strangler fig methodologies to gradually and safely introduce the new service.

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Financial Services leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.