formulate your modernization strategy

Formulate Your Modernization Strategy

Evaluate Technical Debt, Risk and Complexity

vFunction assessment hub

Analyze Your Application Estate

vFunction Assessment Hub is a purpose-built modernization assessment platform for decision makers. The AI-powered solution analyzes and condenses data into three high level indicators that allow you to assess, prioritize and drive immediate action on your modernization projects. vFunction Assessment Hub analyzes the technical debt of your monolithic applications, accurately identifies the source of that debt, and measures its negative impact on innovation. These metrics provide key ROI and TCO measurements critical for more effective and compelling application modernization business cases.

analyze technical debt with vfunction assessment hub

Prioritize Apps for Modernization

With AI algorithms trained from hundreds of monolithic applications and tens of millions of lines of code, vFunction Assessment Hub gives organizations a clear picture of how much per dollar invested into the application goes towards actual innovation, versus how much goes towards managing technical debt. By further identifying the top 10 debt classes, you can see the benefits gained by simply refactoring those alone. When combined with the business value of each of these applications, organizations can stack-rank which applications to modernize first, quantify the complexity, and clearly assess the benefits of modernization.

assessment hub aging frameworks

Build a Data-Driven Business Case

vFunction Assessment Hub delivers deep modernization metrics to build data-driven business cases for modernization. vFunction measures app complexity based on code modularity and dependency entanglements, analyzes the risk of changes impacting stability based on the depth and length of the dependency chains, and then aggregates these to assess the overall technical debt level. It then benchmarks debt, risk, and complexity against the organization’s own estate, while identifying aging frameworks that could pose future security and licensing risks.

vfunction application modernization platform dashboard

Take Immediate Modernization Action

Organizations with a large backlog of monolithic applications and a major cloud or digital transformation mandate face a major quandary. How to migrate tens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of applications with an efficient, repeatable pipeline that is fast, reliable and consistent? The problem can seem daunting. vFunction automates application modernization and provides a process that can be applied across multiple teams, applications, and functions. Applications can be analyzed in production or test and assessment reports help prioritize which applications are the best candidates for refactoring and allow architects to stack rank the applications by complexity. Executive dashboards track and progress across all applications and teams.

assessment hub base report

Accelerate App Modernization Strategy

The majority of today’s modernization and assessment projects are mired in complexity, risk, fatigue, and impracticality. vFunction Assessment Hub allows enterprises to accurately identify and prioritize which apps to modernize, construct an actionable roadmap for refactoring, and build a compelling business case for modernization that increases innovation velocity, scalability, and lowers costs. vFunction Assessment Hub is the first assessment solution that directly leads to refactoring, re-architecting, and rewriting applications with the vFunction Modernization Hub. vFunction’s AI-powered, data-driven approach to app modernization equates to accurate higher quality results, and more actionable conclusions than the manual approaches that exist today.