Use Cases

Discover the real architecture of your applications

Combine static analysis with dynamic analysis to uncover the actual relationships, dependencies, and structure of your applications with AI-powered observability on vFunction.

Visualize and optimize the boundaries between app business functions

Identify functional domains in your application and work toward modularity within your monolithic architecture. Leverage vFunction’s AI to determine the optimal bounded context for your domains.

Map dependencies across domains

Learn how your applications’ domains relate to each other in distributed or monolithic architecture, making sure your architecture is not overly complex.

Pinpoint database-related issues

Assess how each application or domain interacts with databases and their tables to reduce cross-domain database dependencies and work towards modularization across business logic and data layers.

Use Cases

Beyond discovery:
see what you can do with vFunction

Gaining a clear view of your application is just the beginning. Use AI-driven insights to reduce architectural technical debt and continuously modernize the products that drive your business.

Prevent architectural drift

Visualize how applications change over time and get back to the baseline you set by observing your architecture after each release.

Increase application resiliency

Continuously modernize and strengthen your applications, reducing unnecessary dependencies and creating more resilient boundaries between application domains.

Manage technical debt

Reduce architectural technical debt in your applications by automatically pinpointing issues with business logic modularity, resource exclusivity, domain dependencies, and architectural complexity, then generate a prioritized remediation to-do list.

Monolith to microservices

Isolate and modularize domains in your monolithic applications, then convert them to microservices with code extraction, REST API generation, and automatic framework upgrades.


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