Accelerate AWS Migration for Java Applications

Transform Java Applications into Microservices for AWS

Migrate Java apps to AWS faster

Application migration and modernization has been difficult and time-consuming. vFunction automates the transformation of Java applications into microservices and accelerates their cloud migration to AWS by 15x. This enables businesses to unlock the full value of the cloud and thoroughly leverage AWS cloud native services. More applications can be refactored sooner, enabling enterprises to save money, reduce licensing costs, and enjoy greater business agility.

Use AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces with vFunction to decompose and deploy

vFunction and AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces work together to efficiently decompose monolithic apps into microservices and then safely stage, migrate, and deploy those microservice applications onto AWS environments. The vFunction platform first analyzes monolithic apps and allows architects to automate and accelerate the re-architecting and rewriting of their legacy Java applications into microservices. AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces the enables the application modernization teams to set up and manage the infrastructure to test, stage, deploy, and manage the legacy applications which are being refactored, rewritten, or re-architected.

Leverage modern AWS cloud native services

Transforming Java applications into microservices modernizes their architecture for deployment on a new range of cloud native services that leverage containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, serverless, service mesh, and cloud developer tools. Engineering teams will be able to move faster and deploy more often, greatly increasing the rate of updates, features, and fixes and resulting in major sustainable increases in business value.

Quickly assess application refactoring complexity

It’s hard to know which Java applications to refactor, rewrite, replace, or lift and shift (whether rehosting or replatforming). vFunction data-driven assessments analyze the complexity of monolithic Java applications to determine readiness and fit for refactoring versus alternative migration options. Migration project teams can more accurately plan and prioritize based on real application and workload analytics – the same analytics that vFunction uses to refactor these applications on AWS.

Modernize your business and business applications

Cloud migrations present a major opportunity for businesses to move and modernize not only their data center and infrastructure but also their legacy applications and workloads at the same time. vFunction can take these older applications that support critical business functions and preserve the business logic while transforming and modernizing the architecture to a new cloud native foundation. By combining infrastructure and application modernization together, the business value of an AWS cloud migration expands significantly to deliver the maximum level of digital transformation.


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