Observability for Architects: a contrarian
approach to proactive application modernization

Architects are grappling with keeping innovation humming while technical debt and drift continually slow engineering velocity and add the risk of system failure. We can look at at least three highly public incidents that led to billions of dollars worth of losses. Architects have a unique opportunity to add significant value to the business by modernizing applications but only if they have proper observability to build business cases and tackle detrimental technical debt before it spirals into a crisis.

Technical debt can be managed with the right tools that shine a light on it and offer an easier fix and prevention than what architects are used to. The first step is building a business case for resources, where once again, observability into key data is critical. What was once hidden in the shadows, hampering architects, is about to meet its match.

This ebook for software architects and CTOs covers:

  • Why architecture and architects still matter
  • Why architectural debt is so dangerous
  • How most enterprises manage architectural drift (with recent case studies)
  • Major red flags that signal technical debt issues
  • The importance of and how to gain observability before modernization efforts begin 
  • The key vFunction solution features that provide observability, business case data, and debt management

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