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Continuous Modernization Manager

The First Shift-Left Product for Software Architects

Most companies are in the dark when it comes to technical debt. Architects lack the observability, visibility, tooling to understand, track, and manage architectural technical debt until it’s too late and disaster strikes. Technical debt continues to grow because no one has the tools to measure or manage it. For modernization to truly succeed, you need a different approach — one that focuses on continuous modernization that eliminates technical debt and prevents it from re-accumulating.

Continuous modernization is a cultural shift that directly manages technical debt and tracks architectural drift over time. Now, there are automated tools that continuously monitor, baseline, detect, and isolate critical application architecture anomalies before they result in a technical debt catastrophe. 

This ebook for software architects and CTOs covers:

  • Why continuous modernization with a shift-left strategy is a necessary approach
  • How architectural tech debt hampers modernization efforts and quickly multiplies across application estates
  • Who owns and is responsible for technical debt?
  • Why organizations need a holistic, long-term approach to modernization
  • The essential, AI-powered tools architects need to manage technical debt to modernize the application estate and keep it modernized
  • The key features of the vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager
continuous modernization manager