Learn more about Java application modernization, microservices, and cloud migrations in these how-to guides and reports.

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Intellyx Analyst eBook: Weathering the Changing Tides of Architectural Drift

In this detailed guide, we dive deep into the intricacies of architectural debt, equipping you with the insights and best practices to help you understand your software architecture better and manage it more effectively. Discover the tradeoffs between monolithic and microservices architectures, and explore real-world cases illustrating both good and bad architectural debt.

observability for architects ebook

eBook: Observability for Architects: A Contrarian Approach to Proactive Application Modernization

Architectural debt can (and does) cause catastrophic damage, yet with the right tools to gain observability, architects can finally build a business case and tackle it to reduce risk and improve engineering velocity. Get the ebook to transform your modernization efforts.

intellyx ebook uncovering technical debt

Analyst eBook: Raiders of the Lost Apps – An Adventurer’s Guidebook for Uncovering Technical Debt through Modernization

Technical debt is often the Achilles heel of application modernization, but it’s easy to identify, assess and eliminate if you know where to start and have the right tool. Download this analyst ebook to learn how to get rid of it quickly and cost-effectively.

strangler fig pattern for application modernization

eBook: How to Modernize with the Strangler Fig Pattern

The Strangler Fig Pattern is ideal for application modernization, but why and how does it work to reduce effort, time, and risk? This ebook covers the benefits and best practices.

navigating technical debt

Guide: Navigating Technical Debt:
A guide to drive engineering velocity in 2024

Navigate technical debt in 2024 with this strategic guide. Learn to boost engineering velocity, app scalability, and resilience. Uncover root causes, hidden costs, and actionable tips for software architects and engineering leaders.

dzone trend report microservices and containerization

DZone Trend Report: Microservices and Containerization

Explore the current state of microservices and containerized environments and discover expert insights on how to face the challenges of complex architectural patterns.

why app modernization projects fail

Research Report: Why App Modernization Projects Fail

This Wakefield research report uncovers what Architects want Executives to know about app modernization and explores the differences in goals, challenges, and reasons for failure.

monolithic application migration vs modernization

Whitepaper: Monolithic Application Migration vs. Modernization

Download this whitepaper to explore the differences in approach, goals, and results between migration and modernization–lift and shift, refactor, or replace?

intellyx vfunction ebook

Analyst eBook: Application Modernization Patterns & Anti-Patterns

This Intellyx eBook explores four key consideration factors for modernizing applications and offers an understanding of patterns and anti-patterns to better align refactoring efforts with business goals.

application modernization 11 step guide

Application Modernization: An 11-Step Strategic Guide For Software Architects

This guide covers 11 best practices for app architects to consider when charged with digital transformation efforts.

how to use strangler fig pattern for application modernization

How To Use The Strangler Fig Pattern for Application Modernization

The Strangler Fig Pattern for legacy app modernization can make the refactoring process simpler, quicker, and less risky.

Best Practices for Development Teams Migrating Apps to the Cloud

Best practices for migrating legacy apps to the cloud are Continuous Modernization, metrics capture, clear goals, iterating, refactoring, and pruning dead code.

history of java modernization

The History of Java Modernization

The Java language was developed in 1995 to enable devices to talk to each other. Over the years, the language has stood the test of time.

overview of microservices architecture and design

An Overview of Microservices Architecture & Design

Microservices offer many benefits. They are resilient, scalable, autonomous, agile, and easily deployable. But you must correctly design and architect them.

guide to developing a digital transformation strategy

Guide to Developing a Successful 2022 Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation can change how your business works and make it more profitable. In 11 steps, learn how to develop your digital transformation strategy.

cloud native architecture

Migration Strategies Basics: Lift and Shift, Refactor, or Replace?

Lift and Shift, Refactor, or Replace? Choose the best migration strategy for you.

A Guide to Application Modernization

Dig into application modernization – from basic concepts to in-depth case studies, digital transformation to microservices.

migrate to spring boot

Migrate to Spring Boot

Spring Boot has grown to become one of the industry standards for java microservices frameworks. Learn more about migrating legacy java applications to spring boot.

The vFunction platform is award-winning, patented technology that uses AI to reduce refactoring efforts in order to improve scale, reliability, and reduce costs.