New vFunction Advancements Streamline Technical Debt Management with Intelligent Prioritization

April 3, 2024

OpenRewrite Integration Accelerates Application Modernization Initiatives for Enterprises

MENLO PARK, Calif. – April 3, 2024 – vFunction, the pioneer of AI-driven architectural observability (AO), today announced new features that equip software architects and engineers with a simple, efficient way to align task prioritization with overarching project goals and business priorities, significantly improving their ability to manage technical debt and increase engineering velocity. Digital transformation has generated massive technical debt for many organizations, resulting in overburdened architects and engineers who often don’t know where to begin to untangle complex architectures to meet business demands. New vFunction business domain-based prioritization bridges the gap, giving software architects and engineering teams the power to hone in on the most urgent tasks, such as those that increase velocity, scalability, resiliency and cloud readiness. vFunction also announced an OpenRewrite integration to automate framework upgrades of domains and applications observed by vFunction, further supporting customers’ continuous application modernization.

“Before vFunction, there was no effective way to understand an application’s architectural health and sources of technical debt on an ongoing basis as part of the software development lifecycle,” said Moti Rafalin, CEO of vFunction. “Organizations are facing a buildup of technical debt with each release, slowing engineering velocity and impacting application resiliency and scalability. With continuous architectural observability coupled with prioritization capabilities, teams can now proactively pinpoint and prioritize issues affecting specific application domains. For example, in a typical e-commerce application, processing credit card authorizations or customer order fulfillment can be domains of interest. By organizing efforts around specific business domains, software architects and development teams can drive high-impact improvements in velocity, resiliency and scalability that can result in tangible value for their business.”

Intelligent Prioritization Offers a Structured Approach to Align Engineering Tasks with Business Priorities

Business domain-based prioritization in vFunction’s architectural observability platform is designed to help users apply greater efficiency and focus to their technical debt task, ensuring that critical activities are aligned with business and application modernization goals. With domain-level prioritization, users can sort tasks based on domain importance. From there, users can prioritize based on tasks within a domain by assigning a specific “goal” reflecting particular objectives for a domain, including:

  • Increase Velocity: Ideal for focusing on quick and agile development.
  • Increase Scalability: Designed to extract parts from monolithic applications for scalable growth.
  • Increase Resiliency: Suited for complex or distributed applications, emphasizing robust and fault-tolerant systems.
  • Cloud Readiness: Recommended for domains that are planning to migrate to the cloud or move to more modern cloud native services.

vFunction also introduced a cloud compatibility architectural event that automatically recommends next steps based on the challenges and requirements encountered during the analysis of cloud readiness. These recommendations provide actionable insights and clear direction for necessary changes to make. Highlighting critical areas of cloud compatibility and providing targeted guidance aids teams when extracting domains to cloud environments and making applications cloud-ready.

OpenRewrite Integration Simplifies Code Refactoring for Application Modernization and Reduces Technical Debt

To help organizations modernize applications through a wide range of transformations, vFunction has integrated OpenRewrite, a robust tool for codebase refactoring developers can use to effectively eliminate technical debt within their repositories. The integration supports modernization initiatives, from simple version upgrades to more complex framework migrations and coding style standardizations.


  • Learn more about vFunction in this video and datasheet.

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