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Migrate Legacy Java Applications to Spring Boot

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move legacy applications to spring boot

Move legacy applications to Spring Boot

Spring Boot has grown to become one of the industry standards for Java microservices frameworks. Once architects have selected this as their reference platform for Java cloud native applications, enterprise development teams are looking for ways to move their key business applications to Spring Boot as fast and efficiently as possible. But taking older application server designs and transforming them into microservices on Spring Boot is hard. The vFunction platform makes it easy by automating and accelerating this process, enabling development teams to refactor and move onto the Spring Boot framework and related public cloud deployments including Azure Spring Cloud – consistently, predictably, and fast.

Automatically migrate from Spring to Spring Boot

Many organizations are actively migrating from legacy Java applications based on older Spring versions to more modern Spring Boot-based microservices. vFunction can automatically create Spring Boot microservices from services that it extracts from original legacy Spring applications, including translating dependencies from Spring to Spring Boot. By eliminating code dependencies and creating highly independent services, developers can build faster, ship more often, and deploy in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment supported by the Spring Boot framework.

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Minimize Spring Boot microservice footprints

One of the most common issues encountered in refactoring monolithic Java applications is bloated and oversized microservices. vFunction optimizes the Spring Boot microservice footprint, minimizing components like Spring Boot main and configuration classes and Spring FactoryBeans. Since vFunction learns and tracks all relevant dependencies, it only brings in the minimal context required to build new microservices, replacing the typical guesswork and trial and error.

Migrate EJB-based applications to Spring and Spring Boot

Legacy Java applications often rely on application models like EJBs that bring with them ongoing maintenance and licensing costs and can often make microservice adoption difficult. By eliminating dependencies and reducing the footprint of microservices, vFunction makes it easier to switch from EJBs and legacy Java components to Spring and Spring Boot structures. For example, vFunction automatically creates Spring REST Controllers to replace legacy Struts 1.x Actions and can create Spring REST Controllers for any entry point.

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Converge disparate applications on a common Spring Boot stack

Most organizations currently support multiple frameworks, platforms, and languages, creating a major drag on productivity, budgets, and development velocity. vFunction helps organizations converge on a common platform based on Spring Boot to unify disparate application patterns and teams onto a single, cohesive base. Without vFunction, IT and development teams must continue to support multiple deployment pipelines, a variety of older code bases, and separate and distinct application runtimes.