Digital Transformation

HPE and vFunction team up

HPE Ezmeral now integrates with vFunction to automate legacy application modernization

Bob Quillin March 16, 2022

vFunction is happy to enhance our partnership with HPE with the introduction of the vFunction Platform on the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace.

Application Refactoring High Jump Flip

Flip the Script on Lift-and-Shift Modernization, with Refactoring

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) October 12, 2021

Mexico City, 1968 Olympics. At a time when all the world’s high jumpers were doing a straddle technique, one Dick Fosbury executed a seemingly impossible move, winning gold by keeping his center of gravity lower and rolling over the bar backwards. His unique approach flipped the script on the sport, and the high jump has […]

Digital Transformation Stalled Out

3 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Stalled

Amir Rapson August 16, 2021

Please Note: This blog by Amir Rapson, vFunction CTO and co-founder, was originally published on The more a company modernizes, the more value it gets from the cloud, but not all digital transformation efforts are created—and executed—equally. According to Gartner, “87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, yet only 40% of […]

3 Common App Modernization Pitfalls

Application Modernization – 3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Moti Rafalin February 26, 2021

First published on – see original article Application modernization has been a consistent theme for organizations year after year. Businesses today still rely on their legacy applications for a majority of their revenue generation, from mainframes to Java EE. New digital transformation initiatives and mandates have pushed application modernization back to the forefront as […]

Agility Imperative

The Agility Imperative Sparks a Modernization Moment

Bob Quillin February 1, 2021

The January transition from 2020 into 2021 had us starting with resolutions, but with February here now, we need to move beyond resolution and onto more concrete actions. I’ve recently talked about and blogged on the “Agility Imperative” as an inflection point initiated by everything we’ve experienced in 2020, from COVID crises to business disruptions […]