Is Application Modernization Your Digital Transformation Ball and Chain?

Bob Quillin February 2, 2022

This article is by Featured Blogger Jason Bloomberg from his blog page. Republished with the author’s permission.

If enterprises have learned one thing from the Covid era, it’s that digital transformation is more than a handful of projects. Instead, it represents a strategic shift, breaking down organizational and technological silos to better align with the needs of customers and employees.

Enterprises have also learned that digital transformation is never complete. Rather than moving to some stable final state, being a digital organization means dealing with change as an ongoing reality – and leveraging it for competitive advantage.

It’s not good enough to introduce new technology in hopes that all the bells and whistles of modern tech will transform the organization. Even in IT, we must break down the silos – only now, we’re talking in particular about silos of legacy applications.

Application modernization, in fact, is an essential enabler of digital transformation. Read More