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Application Modernization Trends: Goals, Challenges, and Resources

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022

Over the past few years, application modernization has continued to gain traction and some relevant trends are taking shape. The Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated this transformation and there is a high level of motivation to modernize applications.  Foundry’s State of The CIO Study 2022 revealed interesting data: Application/legacy system modernization jumped from #8 to #3 […]

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Simplify Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with AWS and vFunction

Amir Rapson April 20, 2022

The Challenge to Modernize Complex Legacy Applications With estimates that 80% of the world’s business systems still not cloud ready, executives have begun to mandate initiatives to modernize their legacy applications for the cloud. These legacy applications are usually large monolithic systems with years or decades of accumulated technical debt, making them difficult to change, […]

HPE and vFunction team up

HPE Ezmeral now integrates with vFunction to automate legacy application modernization

Bob Quillin March 16, 2022

vFunction is happy to enhance our partnership with HPE with the introduction of the vFunction Platform on the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace.

Application Modernization and Optimization: What Does It Mean?

Bob Quillin March 3, 2022

In 2018, the global market for application modernization tools was valued at $8.04 billion. The industry is expected to grow to $36.86 by 2027 due to the higher need for application modernization and optimization in today’s world. For a market that is growing at such a fast rate, it is still not as widely understood […]

Learn from Failures

Why Application Modernization Strategies Fail

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) January 19, 2022

We’re riveted by risk. Captivated by collapses and crashes. Humans are hardwired to be fascinated with failure. This natural survival imperative can even influence our approach to the high-stakes game of application modernization, where learning or ignoring lessons from the project failures of others can determine an organization’s survival or failure. What are some of […]

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What Converting a Monolithic Application to Microservices Means and Why It’s Good for Your Company

Bob Quillin January 19, 2022

At the beginning of the software revolution, computer systems were built as monolithic applications. But as they inevitably began to sprawl, the behemoths they grew into became unmanageable. Organizations soon realized that traditional monolithic applications were unsustainable for handling large and complex software applications. The software industry eventually made the transition to microservices. A 2018 […]

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Why Legacy Application Modernization Is the New Buzzword

Bob Quillin November 17, 2021

Legacy application modernization is the process of taking a monolithic legacy application, breaking it into smaller pieces and moving them to the cloud. Legacy application modernization has many technical and business benefits. Yet, this transformation is challenging and must be handled with great care. This article takes a close look at various aspects related to […]

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Succeed with an Application Modernization Roadmap

Bob Quillin November 11, 2021

What Is Application Modernization? Application modernization is the transformation of legacy systems into modern applications. This involves two core tasks – breaking up a monolithic application into microservices and moving the application to the cloud.  There are several broad options available for application modernization, but the most common fall into two categories: Rehosting Rehosting is […]

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Migrating Monolithic Applications to Microservices Architecture

Bob Quillin October 20, 2021

Monolithic Applications vs Microservices Wondering the differences between monolithic applications vs microservices? It can be confusing, but as more companies move to a cloud-first architecture, it’s important to understand these terms. An enterprise application is usually made up of three parts – a client-side application, a database, and a server-side application. The server-side application itself […]

Application Refactoring High Jump Flip

Flip the Script on Lift-and-Shift Modernization, with Refactoring

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) October 12, 2021

Mexico City, 1968 Olympics. At a time when all the world’s high jumpers were doing a straddle technique, one Dick Fosbury executed a seemingly impossible move, winning gold by keeping his center of gravity lower and rolling over the bar backwards. His unique approach flipped the script on the sport, and the high jump has […]