Application Modernization

refactor this podcast

Introducing “Refactor This” – A Podcast About Application Modernization

Oliver White September 15, 2022
why monolithic apps but pressure on personnel

Why Monolithic Applications Put Pressure On Your Personnel, Part 1

Moti Rafalin September 2, 2022
assessment hub base report

vFunction Launches Assessment Hub Express for Rapid Technical Debt Analysis

Bob Quillin September 1, 2022
monoliths to microservices 4 modernization best practices

Monoliths to Microservices: 4 Modernization Best Practices

Oliver White August 30, 2022

Organizing and Managing Remote Dev Teams for Application Modernization

Bob Quillin August 25, 2022

App Modernization Challenges That Keep CIOs Up at Night

Bob Quillin August 25, 2022
why app modernization projects fail

Five Insights for CIOs to Understand About Application Modernization – Webinar Recap

Oliver White August 12, 2022
risk adjusted roi model for modernization projects

Risk-Adjusted ROI Model for Modernization Projects

Moti Rafalin August 9, 2022

The CIO Guide to Modernizing Monolithic Applications

Bob Quillin July 8, 2022
why app modernization projects fail

Survey: 79% of Application Modernization Projects Still Fail After 16 Months and $1.5M

Oliver White June 22, 2022