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ROI Background


The vFunction Return on Investment (ROI) calculator determines the key benefits – based on actual customer metrics – achieved by using the vFunction cloud native modernization platform including:

  • Time to Market Acceleration
  • Total Cost Saving
  • Total Time Savings
vFunction Benefits

The vFunction case study video (above) provides a walk-through of an actual customer deployment and the resulting ROI – based on their feedback and measurements. You should expect to see inprovements in areas such as:

  • Faster Speed: vFunction can achieve 15x time acceleration – for a 120 application migration project that’s 1 year project time versus 15 years.
  • Lower Cost: Customers can save $300,000-$500,000 or more per application, adding up to over $10m of savings for a typical project. 
  • Reduced Risk: These are critical business applications – so risk management is essential. Risk is reduced along two dimensions:
    • Shorter project times increases the probability of project success by an order of magnitude.
    • Derived microservices are generated automatically from the original code that already works, increasing the quality & consistency of the microservices and the probability of a successful rollout and operation.