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Monolithic Vs. Microservices Architecture: Modernizing Monolithic Apps and Databases for the Cloud

Bob Quillin April 27, 2022

If your company has been in business for a decade or more with a custom application, there’s a high chance that the application’s architecture is obsolete. Ten years ago, monolithic vs. microservices architecture for business apps wasn’t much of a discussion: monolithic applications seemed to still be working well, and most IT professionals knew how […]


What Are the Benefits of Microservices Architecture?

Bob Quillin March 17, 2022

Monolithic and Microservices are the two architectures used most commonly today for developing enterprise software applications. Monoliths have been around for some time, but the benefits of a microservices architecture are making the latter more popular. Because of this, many companies are investing in transforming their monoliths into microservices. Monolithic is an accepted way to […]

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What Is the Use of Microservices in Java?

Bob Quillin February 15, 2022

Businesses need to respond to the needs of clients alongside evolving business conditions. As a result, many businesses that wonder what the use of microservices in Java is will find this article helpful. However, before discussing Java microservices, we need to explore microservices design concepts in general. For businesses to keep up, it is essential […]

SOA vs Microservices

SOA vs Microservices: Their Contrasts, Differences, and Key Features

Bob Quillin February 10, 2022

Most enterprise software applications built until recently were monoliths. Monoliths have a huge code base and run as a single application or service. They did the job, but then developers started running into a brick wall. Monoliths were problematic to scale. No single developer could understand the entire application. Making changes, fixing bugs, and adding […]

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The Easy Way to Transition from Monolithic to Microservices

Bob Quillin January 26, 2022

Cloud computing isn’t exactly new. It‘s origins date as far back as the 1960s, but few heard of it until 2010, when big tech companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, started their own cloud services. It wasn’t long before companies saw the benefits of moving their software and databases from in-house servers to offsite […]

Learn from Failures

Why Application Modernization Strategies Fail

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) January 19, 2022

We’re riveted by risk. Captivated by collapses and crashes. Humans are hardwired to be fascinated with failure. This natural survival imperative can even influence our approach to the high-stakes game of application modernization, where learning or ignoring lessons from the project failures of others can determine an organization’s survival or failure. What are some of […]

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Go-to Guide to Refactoring a Monolith to Microservices

Bob Quillin January 12, 2022

The transition from a monolith to microservices has become popular in the digital world because of its multiple benefits, including business agility, flexibility, and elimination of barriers associated with monolithic applications. You can enjoy these benefits by refactoring a monolith application to microservices. And here, we explore the benefits of refactoring a monolith to microservices […]

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Is a Microservice Architecture for Cloud-Native Platform Worth It?

Bob Quillin January 7, 2022

Cloud computing has led to cloud-native architectures which allow organizations to access and utilize services that can efficiently scale and rapidly adapt to new business requirements. The use of containers, microservices, and cloud computing has enabled organizations to save time and gain agility they would have otherwise spent maintaining legacy solutions.  Microservice architecture for cloud-native […]

Cloud Native Architecture

Advantages of Microservices in Java

Bob Quillin October 26, 2021

Accelerate Your Journey to a Cloud-Native Architecture with Java Microservices  The cloud has fundamentally changed the way that organizations consume IT. With the ability to dynamically provision resources, businesses are able to scale their applications up or down as needed without costly upfront investments in hardware and software. The advantages of microservices in Java gives […]