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What is Refactoring in Cloud Migration? Judging Legacy Java Applications for Refactoring or Discarding

Bob Quillin March 7, 2022

When it comes to migrating legacy Java applications to the cloud, for the most part, your choices may boil down to just two options: refactor it or discard it entirely. For that, it’s important to understand: what is refactoring in cloud migration? The ground reality is that many enterprises employ a host of Java applications […]


Four Advantages of Refactoring That Java Architects Love

Bob Quillin February 10, 2022

For many teams, application development has morphed into an assembly line process, with each person learning to optimize their own workflows to get their work done. However, during this process, there has been little exploration of the process as a whole, and rarely has any effort been put into understanding how these workflows can be […]