Preventing Monoliths: Why Cloud Modernization is a Continuum

Amir Rapson May 5, 2022

This post was originally featured on The New Stack, sponsored by vFunction. Today, over 80% of enterprise applications are not cloud native, meaning that many companies with a surplus of legacy applications are not benefitting from the business agility and the engineering velocity they once had. Approaching an ambitious and long overdue modernization project can be […]

What Architects Should Know about Zombie Code

Oliver White May 5, 2022

This post was originally featured on TheNewStack, sponsored by vFunction. “Dead Code,” aka zombie code, refers to unreachable legacy code residing inside applications and common libraries that is not called by any current services. It shows up unpredictably and grows over time, contributes to technical debt and presents an unknown potential security risk for cyberattacks. […]

Learn from Failures

Why Application Modernization Strategies Fail

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) January 19, 2022

We’re riveted by risk. Captivated by collapses and crashes. Humans are hardwired to be fascinated with failure. This natural survival imperative can even influence our approach to the high-stakes game of application modernization, where learning or ignoring lessons from the project failures of others can determine an organization’s survival or failure. What are some of […]

AWS Refactoring 3

vFunction Integration Demo with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces

Bob Quillin December 1, 2021

This week at AWS re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas, vFunction has rolled out an integration with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces to accelerate the modernization and migration of Java Monolithic Applications to AWS. The combination of the two technologies simplifies the rearchitecting, re-engineering, staging, and deployment of monolithic Java applications onto AWS Two of the […]

Bridging Silos

Is Application Modernization your Digital Transformation Ball and Chain? (Guest Blog – Intellyx)

Jason Bloomberg (Guest Author - President, Intellyx) August 17, 2021

If enterprises have learned one thing from the Covid era, it’s that digital transformation is more than a handful of projects. Instead, it represents a strategic shift, breaking down organizational and technological silos to better align with the needs of customers and employees. Enterprises have also learned that digital transformation is never complete. Rather than […]

Medrec Final Analysis

Transform your WebLogic Java Apps to Microservices with vFunction: Webinar Recap

Bob Quillin April 16, 2021

The joint vFunction and Oracle webinar is now available on-demand. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in learning how to quickly refactor Java monoliths into microservices. In the presentation you’ll find a live demo walk-through where Amir Rapson, vFunction CTO and co-founder, in real-time decomposes the Medrec application, a well-known Java EE WebLogic monolithic application, […]


Introducing vFunction: A Relentless Pursuit to Automate Modernization

Moti Rafalin February 2, 2021

Three years ago, after we sold our company, WatchDox, to Blackberry,  Amir, Ori, and I gathered  to discuss what we wanted to do next. We knew one thing: we wanted to address a fundamental and significant problem in the IT world.  vFunction: The Challenge Our experience showed us that in the pursuit of product-market fit, […]